For the Growth Minded Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Change your mindset. Change your Finances. Change your Health. We cover topics by interviewing a variety of personalities who either are leaders in their sector, run a business in our health, money & mindset focused fields, or are just all-around experts. We pick their brains, ask the hard questions, and get them to open up in the areas that important to so many growth minded people.

Start living the life you’ve wanted. Knowledge is Power

It started as an idea, it continues today to grow into something much bigger. We had no idea it would be so fun, and reach so many. From The UK, USA, South Africa, India, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia and many more countries – we have continued to reach out to more and more looking for personal growth.

The podcast is a journey, a journey in us all learning to be better humans. Sometimes we have guests that come from a health or mindset background, and sometimes the guest or their business is financial or money-related.

If you’re an invited guest of the show

How to get ready for our podcast.

The podcast is normally 45-60 minutes in length, and is casual interview style in nature. We will send you questions that we will use as a foundation to the interview, however we do allow the conversation to take on a natural form.

Please send us:

  • a copy of any suitable or preferred pictures that we can use in our material
  • your biography or introduction that you would prefer
  • if applicable, your social media tags or social media names for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In and You Tube

Audio – best practices

  • we recommend using a headset or earbuds
  • a decidated microphone (optional)
  • a quiet well lit spot, without any background noise

We are currently utilizing Zoom to record remotely. The interview will take place over video (Zoom), but the video will be not be used for our show. We are not uploading live and the show is edited, so any mistakes can be edited out. Don’t be nervous . It’ll be a fun experience.

We look forward to having you on our show!