Join Our Team

It started as a vision in 1973.

That was our humble beginning, and it started as a desire to give great advice and to serve. Since that time, our family-owned practice has evolved, and continues to grow.

Leveraging over 90 yrs years of collective business experience.

There has been a lot of change in the business and the finance world since 1973, but the values of running a great business haven’t changed. Integrity, discipline, and a strong team. Technology may be changing the deliverables and how we receive them, but a handshake is still a handshake. Our original co-founder Brian Adams built a business around integrity and trust, and we continue these values today as we grow.

The next generation of ECIVDA.

The firm continues to grow, and we have spent time putting pen to paper on where we are headed, we know where we are going, and we know how to get there. We need very special additions to our team, with very important qualities. We look forward to the future, and the growth that lies ahead. As our firm expands, we need incredible, creative, and growth focused team members. There are three growth areas that may be appealing to you;

  • Financial Planner, Advisor Associate & Financial Advisor Opportunities
  • Team Roles for ECIVDA in a variety of areas from client facing to support & management roles
  • A strong tailored business succession, emergency transition & retirement or exit strategy for financial advisors and advisor corporations.

Who we are looking for

Not everyone is going to be the right fit for our team, but you may be a great fit if you read this and think that’s me!

Are you someone who;Is extraordinary?

Enjoys the competitiveness of growing a business practice, and the business cycle of relationship management?

Is enjoying the fast changes in the financial services sector, is comfortable with a variety of technological levers and tools and has personal strengths which allow you to be successful in areas where others struggle?

Is influential, positive-minded, and has core values that allow you to inspire those around you. Do you enjoy the feeling or sharing with others, teaching, and learning at the same time?

Is extremely passionate about their clients & the experience from the first meeting to the ongoing review meetings?

Has extremely high inter-personal skills, and has the capacity to easily build business and personal relationships both in, and outside of work?

Is long-term success-minded, and who sees an opportunity for scaling their own practice.

You’re creative! We like to consider our vision & imagination a strength & competitive advantage.

Enjoys high amounts of communication & teamwork. We’re completely transparent, and think our integrity is the glue to our values.